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Ancistrus sp. L159

Ancistrus sp. L159

Phorto: Ole Paulsen

Ancistrus sp. L159


One of the overlooked pleco species from Rio Xingu, Brazil is this nice little Ancistrus from the area around Altamira. It may not have striking colours to show off, but it has a pretty pattern of wormlines and a small size that makes it suitable for many aquarists out there. 


Name: Ancistrus sp.L159

Trade names: Altamira Ancistrus, L159

Origin: Rio Xingu, Brazil

Maximum TL: 12 cm / 5''


Another rare species in the hobby with a good potential. It's hardy and easy to breed if given clean, well filtered warm water and a varied diet. It can be distinguished from the very similar A.sp. “Rio Tocantins” by it's pale red caudal seam.



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